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What is Online Bible Study?

Online Bible Study is a way to connect with women participating in the same bible study you are but in the convenience of your own home. It  allows us to come to the Blog Cafe, read updates from the small group leaders, and post comments- anytime we like! This flexibility has worked well for women unable to attend regular church groups, that usually meet one night a week or in the morning. Some women are just too overloaded with family and work commitments- and miss the treasures associated with a womens Bible study. Overall, we hope this online Bible Study will be a tremendous resource, motivating others to read their Bible and learn more about our Amazing Shepherd. It serves the purpose for which it was designed-leading women to a closer relationship with God.

How do I subscribe to the Bible study?

  • There is no fee to participate in the online bible sstudy group, so you do not need to subscribe. Its recommended that you sign up to get the blog posts by email so you can receive updates, etc. Look in the top right of this page, and you’ll see a place to put your email address. This will lead you to Feedburner, a blog tool that allows posts to be sent to you via email. Your email address is protected so you won’t receive any junk mail or spam.

What day and time do we meet?

  • We do not meet a a specific time, just a specific day, depending on what study we are completing.  You’ll get an email with the blog update and questions related to the current study. Visit the Blog Cafe and post your comments about the current study.

How do I participate in online study?

  • Similar to a church small group, we’ll ask questions about the current lesson. Please post a comment and answer or ask another question. We’ll also accept any prayer requests and support you in your study. We learn from one another, so every question and comment is helpful. Please participate in the discussions.

What church are you affiliated with?

  • We are nondenominational and all Christian women are welcome to participate. However, this bible study has been set up by the ladies from the Humble Area First Baptist Life Group.

What happens if I start late or take a week vacation and fall behind?

  • No worries. The online bible study format allows you not to miss anything, because the discussions are ongoing and never removed. So you can join anytime and catch up, or fall behind without guilt.

Do you have accountability partners?

  •  No  we are not currently doing accountability partners because we feel you must be a SELF-FEEDER of God’s Word. The purpose behind this study(s)l is to read and study scripture because you want to draw near to God, and not because another person is holding you accountable.
Information obtained from the Womens Bible Cafe
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