25 Reasons not to Participate in Online Bible Study

Can you think of at least ten good reasons why you should NOT participate in a Bible study? Below is just a list of a few favorites. You are welcome to add your own excuses in the comments section below, lets have some fun with this! Remember, by looking at the excuses you will come to realize there really is NO excuse for not participating!

Top 25 Reasons Not to Participate in Bible Study

  1. I do not have a bible, or, I can’t find my bible.
  2. My kids need my attention and God can wait.
  3. There is no time in my day, God will understand my busy schedule.
  4. Work is so demanding and draining all my energy, when it calms down I’ll have time for God.
  5. My social life is a mess…I mean…a HUGE mess…and I need to sort it out before I can spend time reading the bible.
  6. I couldn’t get the book.
  7. I’m really sick and the doctor said I should sleep and not read the bible.
  8. I am so tired…I just want to spend time on Twitter and play Facebook games, and not spend time with God.
  9. Serious….me read a Bible? The whole house would burn down and my family would think I had a terminal illness.
  10. I’ve already read the bible and got nothing out of it.
  11. When I’m old and wearing purple I’ll read it.
  12. There are so many translations, I don’t know which one to get.
  13. I don’t like books that you can’t finish or read cover to cover.
  14. People will laugh at me in Bible study, because I don’t know much, so I’ll just avoid the embarrassment.
  15. I’ll be converted to a religion…waking up one day to discover I’m wearing WWJD shorts!
  16. Bible speaking people are stern, serious, strict and scary. They carry yellow notes with the word “guilt” and play tag with the others in the study.
  17. I can’t find my glasses.
  18. I don’t like the bible study leader.
  19. All the women in my group are too young and we have nothing in common. All the women in my group are too old and we have nothing in common.
  20. I’ve heard bad things about the author, and we all know gossip is reliable information.
  21. I don’t understand what I am reading, after all, the bible was originally written in another language thousands of years ago.
  22. I like my current  state of laziness and God said I should take a daily rest.
  23. It’s really boring and I get much more inspiration from the popular books and television shows. Who needs scripture!
  24. There’s nothing in it for me….sinners don’t own, read or study the bible.
  25. I’m too scared to face God.
Information obtained from the Womens Bible Cafe
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